Corporate PowerPoint presentation

When you are invited to a meeting with a potential client, this is of course an excellent opportunity to present your company and win the client over. Making a good impression can be the deciding factor in whether or not you form a partnership. An impressive Corporate PowerPoint presentation can make a significant contribution to this. However, we often see that corporate presentations are hastily cobbled together by employees. This is a missed opportunity...

To develop a professional and inspiring corporate presentation in PowerPoint, you first need to be aware of your objective and your target audience. This step is often skipped.

You also need to have some knowledge of PowerPoint design and techniques in order to incorporate your company’s house style correctly in your corporate presentation. These are various key competencies that aren’t always available within your organisation.

Video demonstrations of Corporate PowerPoint presentations

Example 1: Corporate PowerPoint presentation Q-park

Example 2: Corporate PowerPoint presentation Staples

Example 3: Corporate PowerPoint presentation Amsterdam Airport Area

Interactive start menu

Virtually all of the corporate presentations we make these days are interactive. The possibility for interaction can be built in, so that it’s no longer necessary to go through a lot of slides chronologically, one by one. The presenter can click on subjects and communicate the information in a measured way to the audience.

Interactive presentations enable presenters to make choices on the spot with the click of a button. The big advantage of this is that a single general presentation can be used for multiple target groups, or for example, to present different products and services.

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corporate PowerPoint presentation

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Corporate PowerPoint presentation

“Communication with PPT Solutions is always very good and clear. My contact (Ferry) discusses our wishes with us and first describes them clearly back to us before starting on a project, so that all expectations are clear on both sides. There’s a clear plan of action, and I’m always kept fully informed about progress.

Marianne Myburgh - Marketing and Communication Manager Europe - C.H. Robinson Europe B.V.

Corporate PowerPoint presentation

Due to the sparkling design, our corporate presentation was as solid as a rock and played an important role in the awarding of the project. The disadvantage of all this, however, is that I no longer think my own presentations are good enough...”

Niek Beukema - Field Product Manager Surgical -Olympus Nederland

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