Interactive PowerPoint presentation

Nowadays, almost every corporate presentation starts with a brief introduction and an agenda. This is used to describe the subjects that will be covered during the presentation. Then the presenter goes through the slides, one by one in chronological order. This can quickly become tedious, as not all of the slides will be relevant for your audience. So, why not make an interactive PowerPoint presentation instead?

The following subjects are included by default in every corporate presentation:

  • Personal introduction
  • About our company (organisational chart, timeline, figures, locations, etc.)
  • Aim of the presentations
  • Mission/vision
  • Market
  • Products/services
  • Closing slide

Interactive PowerPoint presentation

It’s possible to develop an interactive presentation by using hyperlinks that allow you to navigate to relevant topics using clickable buttons. This kind of approach makes it possible to respond directly to questions from the audience and tailor the presentation to different target groups.

View a demonstration of an interactive presentation below:

Example 1: Interactive start menu for Smit Lamnalco corporate presentation

Example 2: Interactive start menu for Sligro Food Group corporate presentation

Example 3: Interactive start menu for Sandd corporate presentation

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Interactive PowerPoint presentation

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Customer references

Interactive PowerPoint presentation

“Communication with PPT Solutions went very smoothly. At the intake meeting, I immediately had the feeling that Ferry was really listening to my wishes, and he showed us a lot of examples that were in the right direction for us. Also during the development of the project, PPT Solutions checked in with us regularly to make sure they were on the right track. That’s very reassuring for a customer.

The interactive menu with the hyperlinks is very easy for us, and it offers a lot of flexibility. And we’re noticing that the animations are really making an impression on our customers.”

Lieve Keppens, Marketing Manager, Christeyns

Interactive PowerPoint presentation“Our question to Reginald was: ‘We have some slides that we’d like to have professionalised, can you help us with that?’ We should have known. Step by step, Reginald explained to us that your strategic message needs to be clear before you communicate using presentations. The end result is a presentation that expresses our vision, how we are going to achieve it, and the context into which clients can place this. In other words, mission more than accomplished!”

Martijn Schaap, Business Opportunity School

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