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Looking for a professional PowerPoint template that’s easy for your organisation’s employees to use for creating new presentations? We can help you. You can provide us with your own design, or have us create the entire PowerPoint template.

In large companies, we often see that a PowerPoint template isn’t all it could be. The PowerPoint template often consists of nothing more than a front page and a following page. In most cases, there are fixed background images giving users far too much room. The result: extremely variable quality in the organisation’s presentations. This is a missed opportunity!

We develop the following templates as standard:

  • A title slide
  • A table of contents
  • Image and text equal (50% / 50%)
  • Dominant image, text subordinate (75% / 25%)
  • Text dominant, subordinate image (25% / 75%)
  • Text only
  • Image only
  • A slide for graphics/diagrams
  • A table-slide
  • Video slide
  • Closing slide

Samples PowerPoint template


PowerPoint template Achmea

A brand new day

PowerPoint template a brand new day


PowerPoint template Schoonenberg

User instructions

To facilitate ease of use, we add instructions outside the work field and on the first slide of the template set. This enables users to see how to deal with the particular slides at all times. This sort of approach works much better than, for example, sending a separate PDF with instructions, as these documents are rarely opened or used.

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PowerPoint template

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PowerPoint template

“The PowerPoint template look professional and fresh, and they’re easy to use. I was surprised about the result, it looks attractive and professional, even though the briefing wasn’t very extensive. The process went smoothly, despite the fact that we had actually only been in contact with each other by telephone and email.”

Mirjam Hectors - Product Manager - Concorp Brands

PowerPoint template

“PPT Solutions is a young, fresh PowerPoint design agency that offers help with every aspect of PowerPoint presentations. They make brilliant, interactive PowerPoint presentations and also give PowerPoint design courses with useful tips on improving your own PowerPoint presentations. We worked together really well!”

Debby Overvliet, Marketing Manager, Servier NL

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