Corporate presentation Q-park

Q-Park came to us with a request to help with the development of an impressive corporate presentation that could be used for presenting to different target audiences.

The result

The challenge

In this case, we started out first by translating the company’s house style to PowerPoint. Once the design had been approved, we started by redesigning the existing slides. In doing so, we visualised as much of the text as possible and provided suitable images. We also incorporated structure into the presentation by giving all of the text boxes and images a fixed place. Where necessary, we divided the content over multiple slides, to create more calm and clarity in the presentation.

Our approach

Due to the large number of slides, we developed an interactive start menu in the final phase. The possibility for interaction can be built in so that it’s no longer necessary to go through a lot of slides chronologically. The presenter can therefore communicate the information in a measured way to the audience. This presentation involved 90 slides.


Type of project: Template set & Interactive corporate presentation
Version: PowerPoint 2010
Aspectratio: Widescreen (16: 9)

Reaction from the customer

Corporate Presentation Q-park“Quality with an up-to-date appearance, created by people with heart and soul, knowledge and expertise, a renewal of existing resources. I can present this well both internally and externally”

Sacha Oerlemans, Corporate Director Marketing, Q-Park NV

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