The 5 C's: Customer

The 5 C’s: Customer

We live in the age of information overload. Every day we are bombarded with advertisements, newsletters and advertising on social media channels. When the situation occurs where you also have to listen to a presentation of half an hour, it would be nice if this presentation suits your needs.


As we have stated before in the blog about content, it is important that each message is tailored to the target audience. This may relate to the content, but also to the ” tone of voice “. Clients or potential clients, watch and evaluate a presentation in a different way than, say, investors or employees.

Thus it is important to always keep your objectives in mind. What do you want to accomplish with this specific target group? In addition, prior to the presentation, you need to determine the current level of knowledge of your audience. In this way you avoid a presentation which is too complicated or boring, which will both lead to a disconnected audience .

In order adapt the presentation each time we face a different target group, we work with interactive menus. The presenter is able to determine what he wants or not wants to tell the public. Good examples can be found in the following presentation, which consists of an interactive menu itself.


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