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A PowerPoint expert is a graphic designer who spends more than 40 hours a week making the best presentations. PowerPoint experts are not only involved in design, however, i.e. the word "designer" does not do full justice to these experts. To make a good presentation, you must take account of a customer's requirements, content and corporate identity.

How do you become a PowerPoint expert?

The designers at PPT Solutions are passionate about PowerPoint. This drives them to improve and innovate. Workshops, sharing knowledge and trying out new functions are all part of being a real PowerPoint expert. They all work according to a mission: to make the most inspiring PowerPoint presentations.

It doesn't only come down to passion, however. As well as passion, you must have a talent for design, be service-oriented and have sufficient understanding of the customer to properly incorporate the corporate identity and content into the presentation.

PPT Solutions

PPT Solutions is a Rotterdam-based PowerPoint consultancy and design agency. The team is made up of more than 20 PowerPoint experts. We are continually looking for new functionalities and developing new templates, animations and other applications with the Microsoft package. All this to professionalise our current corporate presentation, template, pitch presentation, product presentation, etc. A professional PowerPoint presentation helps you to give better presentations. A PPT Solutions presentation makes a message more appealing, making it more interesting for an audience to watch. This in itself strengthens the position and self-confidence of a speaker. The combination of an interesting and visually attractive presentation and a speaker who confidently puts the message across is the key to success.

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