Cargill corporate presentation

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The result

Cargill asked us to create a corporate presentation with a lot of illustrations and infographics. The presentation would be used to show customers recurring trends in the milk and dairy supply chain. The result had to be stylized and professional.

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Examples of slides

From boring to impressive...

The challenge

We were asked to help visualize a corporate presentation using various infographics that had to conform to the strict corporate identity and brand guidelines of Cargill. They wanted to be able to make changes themselfs to ensure the presentation would be kept up to date. Our challenge was to make this happen.

Our approach

Because Cargill wanted to visualise the text as much as possible, instead of using lots of words, we created matching illustrations and selected varied images which supported their message on every slide. We then added animations to make sure the result would be a dynamic, impressive and above all, professional presentation.

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