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 Creating PowerPoint presentation is often a challenge

Time consuming

Trying to create consistent and impressive slides, or finding previous slides takes too much time.

Lack of quality

Even though a lot of time is spent creating presentations the quality still lacks.

Not according to Corporate Identity

70% of all presentations is not built according to the Corporate Identity, GFK research says.

Skill levels differ

Employees independently work on presentations without coordinating with colleagues.

No or limited training

79% of all users have not received any or very limited PowerPoint training.

Limited distribution of slides 

Employees really have to search for the most up-to-date slides in e-mails or on servers.

What our customers say

 “Fast feedback, service orientated”

“Communication with PPT Solutions was superb: fast feedback, service orientated, no nonsense, personal and informal. The entire process went smoothly and above expectations. They delivered more than we asked for!”

Jelle den Harder, Cortox

 “Very easy to use!”

“PPT Solutions helped us to present our content in an attractive and convincing manner. By using a smart setup of the layouts in our template-set is it above all very easy to use!”

Kleis Sorgdrager, Manpower

 “Extremely impressed”

“We received a lot of compliments through internal communication. Everyone was extremely impressed and our sales team said this would help them tremendously. Thank you again for all the hard work you put into this!”

Nord van den Mosselaer, Vodafone

The advantages of Slidebuilder

Slide library

With Slidebuilder all employees will have immediate access within PowerPoint to the organization’s most often used slides. When you press the button “Slide library” a popup with various categories will be show. This way you can quickly search for the most common slides such as tables of content, graphs, tables, charts, schematics, maps, infographics, report slides and many more. Of course all slides are 100% styled according to your Corporate Identity.
The PowerPoint plugin with which everyone in your organization can make impressive presentations.

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Access to an image library 

It often takes more time than you would like to find corresponding images, drawings or icons to go with the text you wrote. From now on this will go a lot quicker! With Slidebuilder you can easily insert images or icons fitting the Corporate Identity directly from PowerPoint. For every category there is a separate button which allows you access to a handy library where you can insert the desired objects immediately. The buttons and images can be altered to every organization individually. An image library within PowerPoint that everyone in your organization can reach.

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User instructions

Next to every slide we will place visual user instructions so it is visible for all employees how to best use that specific slide. For example it will tell you step by step how to insert an image, how to cut videos, add hyperlinks to an agenda, change graph data or how you can use the same bullet points. Of course, these instructions are not visible during the presentation but only in the edit mode. These user instructions make sure every user is capable of optimally using PowerPoint.

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Only 5 buttons

The reasoning behind Slidebuilder is simple; we want to help organizations create inspiring PowerPoint presentations quickly and easily and styled according to their Corporate Identity. We are able to do this by placing all functionality behind just 5 buttons. This way various groups of people can easily find and use these options. Slidebuilder is directly visible when you start PowerPoint so users will immediately see which documents and which options are available. All functionality that you require in PowerPoint behind just 5 buttons!

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Online platform and support

If you need inspiration or tips and tricks while you are creating a PowerPoint presentation, to boost the level of quality or to add that little bit of extra, you can use the “Inspiration & Support” button to directly head over to our online platform. Here you will find all sorts of handy videos on how to create clickable buttons with hyperlinks, impressive animations, how to effectively convey your message and even tips on how to present better. 
The platform for all information on PowerPoint and how to present better!

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Grow with us!

PPT Solutions is a company with over 30 employees that is focused on and specialized in creating professional PowerPoint presentations. We have created presentations for more than 1.500 companies in both SME level as well as for multinational level. Amongst our customers we include NS, Vodafone, Q-Park, Staples and the KNVB. Next to creating PowerPoint presentations we also help speakers to inspire their audience using their presentation.
Our mission is as follows: “Creating the most inspiring PowerPoint presentations!”

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Creating inspiring presentations for the entire organization

Frequently asked questions about Slidebuilder...


Yes, Slidebuilder is software that offers additional PowerPoint functionality. It is easy to install and appears as an extra Tab in PowerPoint once installed.


Yes, they can. Slidebuilder calls on Corporate Identity elements (Slides, images, icons, etc.) and places these in your presentation. Everything is still 100% PowerPoint and even without Slidebuilder these slides are editable and presentable. The presentation can of course be saved and shared with others.


Slidebuilder works exactly like copying a slide from one presentation to another. The style is copied identically in standard widescreen format (16:9). Keep in mind that if you make use of a different formats (4:3, A4 etc.) these need to altered first.


- Microsoft® Windows® 8/10 (31- and 64 bit)
- PowerPoint versions: 2010/2013/2016/2019 (32- and 64 bit)
- Slidebuilder can also be used in Citrix-environment


At this moment Slidebuilder can only be used in a Microsoft PowerPoint Windows environment. If you would like to use Slidebuilder on a MAC you could install “Parallel Desktop” so you create a Windows environment on your MAC. We will also deliver all documents as separate files so colleagues using MAC’s can still use the Corporate Identity styled template-set and layouts.


Installation of Slidebuilder for multiple users at once is done through the IT department or systems department within your organization. These departments can install Slidebuilder on all computers or multiple computers at once. We are more than happy to assist should help or installation advice be required.

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