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A way to interact with your audience and respond to their needs

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Use different approaches
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Create impact with appealing slides
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Interact with your audience using menus
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Various ways to be interactive...

Interactive menus

We often see that a presenter presents his story chronologicaly. This can result in a boring or tedious presentation, seeing that not all slides are relevant to that audience. An interactive PowerPoint presentation can make the difference as it uses menus and navigation with hyperlinks. This approach makes it possible to alter your storyline, respond to questions from the audience or backtrack to a specific slide on the spot.
Directly interact and respond to questions from your audience and target different needs.

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Interactive example

As an example: It could be that you have to visit a customer more than once to convince them of your product or service. On the first visit you will introduce yourself and tell something about the history of your company. During your second visit this isn't needed so you would like skip this section. Using an interactive agenda we will make it possible to do just that. Just imagine that you have to present your product/service to different DMU's (Decision Making Units).
An interactive menu adapted to various strategic levels. 

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What customers say about PPT Solutions

 "This is very reassuring for a customer"

"Communication with PPT solutions went very smoothly. At the initial meeting, I immediately felt that Ferry really listened to my requirements. He also showed me a lot of examples which were in line with our own ideas. Also during the creation stage, PPT solutions regularly checked to see whether they were on the right track. This is very reassuring for a customer. We find the interactive menu with hyperlinks very useful; it gives a lot of flexibility. We see that the animations really make an impression on our customers."

Lieve Keppens

Marketing manager

 "Can you help? They sure could! Step-by-step"

"Our question to Reginald was: "We'd like to make our slides more professional. Can you help?"

They sure could! Step-by-step, Reginald made it clear that you need to get the strategic message right before you can communicate it in a presentation. The end result was a presentation which expresses our vision, the means to realise this vision and the context in which clients can place this vision. In other words, mission more than accomplished!"

Martijn Schaap

Business Opportunity School

Interact with your audience?

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Involve your audience

To really involve and ask specific questions to your audience it is necessary to ask them for feedback during your presentation. This does not only allow you to focus and maintain attention but you can also perfectly cater to specific needs of your audience. Using an interactive presentation app you can make sure that there is direct contact with your audience and immediate feedback from your audience.
Maintain the focus of the audience and involve them in your presentation.

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How to use the app

It is possible to have specific questions appear on the slides during your presentation. The audience can then vote or answer in real-time using an app on their mobile phone. The results of the audience-wide question or vote can then be shown on a seperate slide afterwards. The location of which is completely up to you. Using this interactive presentation tool will allow you to alter the experience of the audience and make sure they keep paying attention.
Interact with and involve your audience by using an interactive app.

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Video-explanation on the app

Using an interactive game

Want to know the perfect way to create interaction with your audience? Why not play an interactive game during your presentation! Whilst preparing your presentation think of a number of questions that fit your presenation's subject. You can even assign a price to the winner. This is an assured way to involve your audience. For example: at the end of your presentation you can ask your audience to answer a few questions using their phone.  
An interactive game while giving a presentation.

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Examples of interactive presentations

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