Structure your presentation

A clear storyline is the best starting point

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Writing a clear storyline

Analyze and understand your current content and company history and data.

Using innovative solutions

Impress your target audience with a stimulating state of the art presentation.

Target audience

Tailor your presentation to different DMU's (decision making units).

New ideas

Use the brainstorm session to come to new insights and solutions.

Proper structure

Stucture your presentation to reflect professionalism and give a sence of calm.

Professional presentation

Support your story with an impressive interactive corporate presentation.

A video demonstration

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PowerPoint as the means of communication

Storyline first

Before you start on the design of a presentation, it is very important for your story to be logically structured and for the content to have been carefully thought about. We often see that PowerPoint is opened before the story is even written. If you do this, you will be leaving out a number of very important steps which will ultimately lead to the perfect presentation.These steps are essential to come to a professional and inspiring PowerPoint presentation.
We can help you take these important steps, without using PowerPoint.

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Why, What and How

When we help our customers create effective content for their presentations, we determine the message that needs to be put across, together. To get to this central message we make use of three very important questions: WHY, WHAT and HOW. This results in three clear and easy to understand answers, namely the objective for WHY, the way the content is communicated for WHAT and how to get there for HOW. Simple, yet very effective.
Separating the conceptualisation and execution stages of a presentation is the first step.

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A customer journey

In order to present a targeted presentation it is necessary to understand your customer's needs wishes and requirements. We have created an improved version of the solution known as "the customer journey". This journey will focus on a number of varying challenges and the solutions (products or services) that will counter these challenges. Using interactive elements we can take customers on this journey in one single slide. You and the customer decide the sequence.
A tailor-made solution for your customer's challenges.

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Three simple steps

1. Preparing the brainstorm

We analyze the current company data and history, and take a look at the way how presentations are currently given by employees and management.

2. On-site structured brainstorm

During a 3-4 hour brainstorm session we will discuss and determine the objectives, the target audience and required solutions.

3. Reducing content to its essence

We decide per slide whether it will help to achieve the chosen objectives and what conclusion the target audience should draw from it.

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Structure your presentation

What customers say about PPT Solutions

"PPT Solutions helped Heras build an effective PowerPoint"

"We had an overkill of presentations today. To use a PowerPoint as an effective communication tool is a unique skill. PPT Solutions helped Heras build an effective PowerPoint which we have often used for presentations. Danny (PPT Solutions) has the skills and the experience to set up a good PowerPoint which helps to put the message across."

Dennis Gouka, Managing Director, Heras

"Can you help?" They sure could! Step-by-step"

"The question to Reginald was: "We'd like to make our slides more professional. Can you help?" They sure could! Step-by-step, Reginald made it clear that you need to get the strategic message right before you can communicate it in a presentation. The end result was a presentation which expresses our vision. Mission more than accomplished!"

Martijn Schaap, Business Opportunity School

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