Amsterdam Airport Area corporate presentation

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The result

Amsterdam Airport Area asked us to develop a nicely designed presentation. The company gives a lot of external presentations. It uses PowerPoint for its presentations since it often wants to make last-minute changes.

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Examples of slides

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The challenge

The company wants to use a general presentation to persuade international logistics and aerospace companies to open a business location in the area. An important aspect here is their need for help in finding good visual materials. It is also important for staff to be able to update the presentation themselves.

Our approach

The presentation had to serve several target audiences, so we developed an interactive start menu. This menu includes all the items relevant for a target audience. The items are clickable. We also created a set of templates. This enables users to simply add images or revise texts.

"I found the collaboration with Ferry and his team of PowerPoint specialists very good! They made a good plan in advance and communicated the whats and the hows very clearly at every step. We are most delighted with the result, however: a very nice, original, functional and user-friendly presentation which we're very proud of! I've personally always been a fan of entrepreneurs who aren't afraid to take the plunge, and of the stories behind their exploits. Ferry has taken this plunge and, together with his company PPT Solutions, found a gap in the market. A successful product which I will be happy to make use of again in the future!"

Marie-Jeannine Citroen, Marketing Manager, AAA

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