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Professional presentations

We'll teach you how to make impressive slides during the PowerPoint course. 

Working with animations

Using animations to put your message across to your audience step by step.

Save a lot of time

Take advantage of our tips & tricks to help you use PowerPoint more efficiently.

Tailored to your corporate identity

A presentation following your brand guidelines including colors and elements.

Interactive presentations

Working with clickable buttons in PowerPoint. Tailoring your presentation to your target audience.

Experienced trainer

The trainer worked on presentations for companies such as NS, KNVB, Vodafone and Q-Park.

From boring to inspiring presentations

 Interactive elements

There are times while making a presentation where you would like the opportunity to show an external video, PDF document or picture regarding the subject of the slide you are currently working on. We will show you how to create interactive elements using hyperlinks which will allow you to do exactly that. These elements can be shapes, text, images or simple transparent overlays. Using this technique you will be able to add simple navigation to your presentation. 
Learn how to create interactive elements to allow navigation in your presentation.

I want to make interactive presentations!

Visual slides

You have probably heard of the expression: "A picture is worth a thousand words". Unfortunately not everyone takes this to heart. We still see people that keep on using bullet points and large amounts of text to create the most boring slides. But it gets worse! In somes cases, the speaker then also starts reading that text out loud. This topic is dealt with extensively during the course to help you avoid those situations.
During the course you will learn to use high-quality images to create visual slides.

I want to learn to make visual slides!

Working with charts

You can use Excel to incorporate data, graphs and charts into your presentation. This will enable you to revise data at a later stage. During the course we teach you how to use Excel to make better looking, easy to understand diagrams and we we will show you the best way to highlight a key message. The next thing we will then teach you is how to apply animations so information can be carefully conveyed to your audience step by step.
Using Excel to incorporate your graphs and charts will help you bring your message across.

I want to learn to work with charts!

Organise a training course for your organisation?


Extensive reference work

An incompany PowerPoint course usually consists of 10 exercises which we will go through with the participants. Afterwards everyone gets a detailed hand-out which explains the exercises visually. 

An overview of this course

 What some participants say about the training

"A whole new world opened up for me"

"PowerPoint or Prezi? I was looking for an interactive and flexible corporate presentation. My immediate thought was Prezi. PowerPoint is not at all suitable for this. Until I met the people from PPT Solutions. A few weeks later I took the in-company PowerPoint course at PPT Solutions. A whole new world opened up for me. It was a very interesting and informative workshop, given with a great deal of expertise by Robbert van Brummen. I could immediately put into practice a lot of what I learned during the workshop. In short, I'm very satisfied and pleased that I took part in the workshop."

Rob Verberne, Nationale Vereniging De Zonnebloem

"PowerPoint is indeed a real Prezi-killer!"

"Are you serious? Are you going to take a PowerPoint course? Surely you can do this already? Wouldn't it be better to take a Prezi course?” A reaction from the people around me when I told them I was going to take this course. Well... I discovered very quickly that I could really do with this course. Having done the in-company PowerPoint training, I almost feel like a PowerPoint ambassador and, indeed, a real Prezi-killer. You can do so much in PowerPoint! You just need to realise this. We received a lot of practical advice during the workshop which I immediately put to good use. Very informative! And a very nice group of people!"

Jiska Wemmenhove, Nationale Vereniging De Zonnebloem

Incompany PowerPoint course programme

We can tailor the incompany training to your specific needs and requirements. 
The standard items covered include:

  • Using hyperlinks to make an interactive presentation.
  • Using animations to gradually build up extensive slides.
  • How a good template can save you a lot of time.
  • Techniques for making complex and extensive slides interesting.

  • Working with videos in PowerPoint.
  • Working with Excel and data slides.
  • Useful functionalities and how they can save you a lot of time.
  • Get everyone in your organisation to work with PowerPoint properly!

The PowerPoint expert!

PPT Solutions is a Rotterdam-based PowerPoint consultancy and design agency run by a team of enthusiastic PowerPoint specialists. With more than 25 employees our experienced designers are specialised in developing PowerPoint presentations on a daily basis and are therefore familiar with all the ins and outs of this presentation solution. We do this for various companies such as Vodafone, Heineken, 3M, Dupont CBRE and Staples.
Our mission: Creating the most inspiring PowerPoint presentations.

About the Trainer

Robbert van Brummen is a senior designer at PPT Solutions. He has made corporate presentations for Vodafone, KNVB, CBRE, Staples, NS (more than 90,000 views on YouTube to date!) and many others. Robbert regularly gives PowerPoint courses at various companies and works with the software package every day himself. He therefore not only has a great deal of experience in giving training courses, but also in creating inspiring presentations.
He shares his knowledge with passion and enthusiasm during the PowerPoint course.

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Other information:

Requirements: Windows laptop with at least PowerPoint 2010. Or a Mac with the most recent Office 365 update and a mouse.

Attention: Training courses cannot be given to participants who use a Mac computer without the most recent Office 365 update.