Keune presentation

A presentation to be used for giving workshops

The result

Keune asked us to help them make a presentation which could be used to give workshops. This resulted in an interactive and visual presentation containing many animations which clearly show how their products work.

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Examples of slides

A visual presentation...

The challenge

Keune wanted to use the presentation to show hairdressers how its products work. Before we were brought on board, Keune made a lot of use of text and images in its presentations. 
Our challenge was to make a presentation which could be used to explain its products very simply.

Our approach

We started by creating an interactive agenda slide. All the chapters are shown on this slide. We also added a large number of icons and animations in Keune's corporate identity. This enables them to explain the process very clearly. We made this presentation as visual as possible.

"Collaboration with PPT Solutions totally changed my perception of PowerPoint. The slides are visually very strong. They really do explain our products.”

Irene Bekman - National Educator – Keune

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