Eosta presentation

An impressive and tasty presentation

The result

Eosta asked us to make a professional and impressive corporate presentation. The presentation had to be visual and interactive. By adding an interactive menu and tasty high resolution imagery we took the presentation to the next level.

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Examples of slides

A tasty presentation...

The challenge

Eosta wanted a visual, impressive and interactive presentation. The entire presentation had to reflect the corporate identity, make creative use of the logo and incorporate the Eosta brand elements as much as possible. This was a challenge that asked a lot of creativity from our end but is was never the less a challenge we gladly accepted.

Our approach

We started by making the presentation interactive so you could go into different parts of the presentation for different target audiences. Because we used  a lot of visual material and placed most of the text in seperate element, the presentation turned out to be a very visual one where the message of each slide is clearly visible.

"Communication with PPT Solutions was very good and professional. The presentation's development process went very smoothly. We are very pleased with the presentation's creative design!"

Michaƫl Wilde, Communications and Sustainability Manager

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