SLAM! and 100%NL presentation

A presentation with a lot of entertainment value

The result

The client asked us to make a very dynamic presentation, as they really wanted to show the SLAM! and 100%NL brands in one presentation. We then thought about an appropriate solution and design. The result is a lively and vigorous presentation!

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Examples of slides

A dynamic presentation...

The challenge

We were asked to make a PowerPoint presentation for SLAM! and 100%NL, each brand with its own look and feel. The presentation had to be dynamic and lively and have a high entertainment value. Was it a challenge? Definitely and a very interesting one at that. Of course  our designers were more than happy to take up this challenge!

Our approach

We split the presentation into two parts. This allowed us to create a dynamic opening so you can choose between the SLAM! and 100%NL brands. We then setup the presention so that you never lose sight of the complete picture. Almost every slide has been garnished with high resolution imagery and stunning and lively videos.

"Our assignment was not an easy one: a spectacular presentation with a high entertainment value. But we achieved this. The presentation is interactive and entertaining and calls out for a follow-up meeting. A good showcase for our brands. The presentation was received enthusiastically by 100%NL and SLAM!. A real improvement!"

Istvan Tkalecz, Communication and Media Research activities, SLAM!

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