Video and music in PowerPoint

Besides the fact that we distinguish ourselves as a PowerPoint specialist because we also think about the content, we are of course also the specialist in the field of PowerPoint technology. Many people are always experimenting with music and videos in their PowerPoint. The result is most of the time far from professional. We have developed our technology and skills so far that a simple, yet professional way, music and videos can be supportive to your presentation story. A real added value.

1. A video to convey a feeling

A picture says more than a thousand words. A good example is the word “passion”. How can you explain this better than with the support of an appropriate video? The feeling that you have with the word “passion”, can be transmitted to your audience. In addition, it provides a bit of interactivity which makes the presentation much more interesting to watch.

2. Voice-over presentation

As we have discussed frequently in our blog, you can certainly benefit from sending your presentation afterwards. In some cases, your contact needs to show your sales presentation to other people in the company. In such a case, it is important that your presentation speaks for itself and does its job without you being there as a speaker. PowerPoint with a voice-over is exactly what you should have in such situations.

3. Background music

Often during an event, a presentation is played while the audience is watching. A good example is a New Year’s presentation. In such a PowerPoint presentation, the company wants to transmit a festive, celebrating mood. This can be supported by cheerful music in the background.


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