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Q&A live in your PowerPoint

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Security of the data

Quiz & Poll

Interact with and ask the audience questions.
They can vote with their mobile phones.

Sending messages

Ask the audience to participate by submitting questions or ideas using the app.

With your smartphone

If you decide to use polls in your presentation,

you can vote with a mobile phone, laptop or tablet!

Entirely in PowerPoint

Your presentation as a single solution, delivered in standard PowerPoint format.

No downloads

There is no need to download anything as votes and asnwers are submitted via a URL.

Live results

The outcome appears on the screen the moment the audience casts its vote.

Watch the following video demonstration:

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Engage with your audience

To really involve an audience in your presentation, you must ask them for their feedback every now and then. This not only ensures that you attract and keep your audience's attention more effectively, but it also enables you to tailor your story perfectly to their needs. Get the technology to work for you! Everything is done in PowerPoint. The audience doesn't need to download anything but can vote directly in PowerPoint using their phone, laptop or tablet.
 Involve your audience using a easy to use app to cast votes or hold polls.

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Submitting questions anonymously

If you end your presentation with "Are there any questions?", some of the audience members might be afraid to speak up. This tool enables them to submit questions anonymously, which you as the speaker can then answer. You decide which of the submitted questions you want to have shown on the screen. You can also ask multiple-choice questions and get the audience to vote. The results are then shown live on the screen or projector in diagram form.
The app allows every kind of audience member to participate anonymously.

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You can ask the audience to fill in an online survey at the end of your presentation, meeting or event. The URL of the website where the audience can access the survey will automatically be shown on the slide of your choice within your presentation. The audience can then simply fill in the survey on their smartphone, tablet or laptop. This is a great way to find out how your presentation came across and how the audience thinks about the subject of your presentation.
Direct feedback from your audience at the end of your presentation, meeting or event.

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Quiz & poll

If you really want to involve the audience in your presentation in a fun and original way, why not include a quiz or poll? Think of a few questions related to the subject of your presentation and use them to find out who in the audience paid the most attention. The submissions are shown live on the screen showing the results of your quiz or poll. You can make it even more interesting by selecting a winner and awarding a prize for their attentiveness!
A realtime quiz or poll to involve your audience even more, using an easy to use app.

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Corporate Identity

All of the elements on the result pages can be fully styled according to your corporate identity. This is not only reflected on the result pages but also on the instructions and the website where audience members are asked to vote using their smartphone, tablet or laptop. The entire online portal will be styled according to your company's branding guidelines so that your corporate identity is implemented consitently and professionaly across the board.
Your PowerPoint presentation and the voting results all shown in your corporate identity.

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Data analysis

After your presentation, all the information is stored methodically on a dashboard. You can read the submitted questions, review the feedback on your survey or see what the audience thought of your propositions. You can choose from different dashboards so that the results can be represented visually in diagram or other formats. The information gathered is then stored securedly, so you can compare the results with those of previous presentations.
Build a secured database of information gathered from your audience.

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