Body Language for a professional presentation
19 februari 2015 

Body Language for a professional presentation

As we have often discussed, an inspiring presentation is depending on a good preparation. Make sure your story is structured, the goal of the presentation is in your mind and that you may address the audience(s) in an appealing manner. With these tips and an interactive, professional PowerPoint presentation, you will be confident in giving the presentation. Confident with an open, yet powerful appearance.

Because, almost more important than what you say, is your body language. Even if you have perfect content for your story content and a “slick” professional PowerPoint presentation, it will not work If you come across as insecure on stage. Body language is crucial for the success and effectiveness of your presentation. The key word is authenticity and positive energy. Ray this in your body, your voice, your tone of voice and facial expressions. When you are excited, your audience will be too. Here are some tips to help get your body contribute to your sales presentation:

– Hands: Your hands show your overall mood. When you are nervous, you will fiddle and pulk with your hands on things. When you are angry or aggressive, you will ball your fists. At a professional presentation, it is important that your hands are open. Do not place them in your pockets, but use them to strengthen your story. The right hand gestures come off as strong and balanced.

– Attitude: Open, open, and open! Never stand with your back to the audience. Do not look slumped, but have an open attitude. Shoulders back and bring it on! When you stand in this way, you will also notice that this confidence will penetrate your whole body.

– Eyes: It might be a little scary for people to look straight into the eyes of the audience, but it is necessary to let your presentation succeed. Eye contact shows that you are trustworthy, you are confident, dignified and serious.

– Voice: Everyone knows it, during a presentation, you will talk suddenly 100 times faster than normal. Try to keep it under control. In addition, make sure that you do not talk in a questioning tone. You’re the expert, make statements. When you take yourself seriously, others will do the same.

With these tips, you will give a good sales presentation or a professional business presentation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are the PowerPoint specialist with an eye for content!


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