Like to have a PowerPoint presentation made for you?

Like to have a PowerPoint presentation made for you? We will be only too happy to help you! We can help you with both content and design. When we know what your requirements and wishes are, we will carefully go over your existing corporate presentation and presentation materials. You could submit just the content and leave the presentation's design to us, or we could support you with specific advice. It's important to first have a good understanding of your intentions and target audience.


An inventory of existing materials

We do this by organising a brainstorm session with a number of staff members who give a lot of presentations. During this session we define the objectives and hone the message for each target audience.

Compiling the presentation's content
After brainstorming, we will know which items need to be included in the presentation. Secondly, we will apply structure, determine the visualisation technique and compile the message in such a way that it comes across logically and effectively.


Set of templates

We always start by developing the PowerPoint design, which we then translate into a user-friendly set of PowerPoint templates. We thereby translate the corporate identity into PowerPoint and ensure optimal use of space. This not only ensures a clear and consistent presentation, but also gives you the ability to edit or add slides at a later stage. We decide in advance on the PowerPoint version for the presentation (2007, 2010 or 2013) and its format (widescreen (16:9) or traditional (4:3)). Like to have a PowerPoint template made for you? Click here for more information.

Interactive start menu

If the corporate presentation is to be given to several target audiences, it might be a good idea to make the presentation interactive. The slides can then be shown out of sequence and the audience's information requirements can be addressed on the spot. Check out the following example.

The following video shows how an interactive PowerPoint presentation works.

"Standard" slides

Once we have developed the PowerPoint design in consultation with you, we assess how many slides and which types are to be included in the presentation (since we come across all kinds of slides). The trick is to come up with a proper solution for each slide. By "standard slides" we mean those which only show text and images.

We optimise and re-design the existing content and add visual materials to the slides. We also apply more structure to the presentation by fixing the positions of the text fields and images. If necessary, we spread the content across several slides. This will give both a greater sense of calm and consistency to the presentation.

"Complex" slides

By "complex slides" we mean organograms, maps, diagrams, etc. We first check whether we can visualise the slides more effectively. We then add transition effects and animations to the slides. This not only makes the presentation more dynamic and interesting to watch, but also ensures that not all the information is shown at once. This makes it possible to carefully measure out the information to the audience.

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