Presenting for executives

Each target audience has its own needs and wishes regarding a presentation. A presentation to your manager, director, supervisory board or shareholders is usually associated with high levels of stress. There is often a lot at stake, such as approving budgets, an investment or future plans. A good presentation can also create opportunities. Here are some tips to make a success of your presentation:


– Keep the time in mind

Of course, everyone is busy. But executives usually schedule meeting after meeting and handle a strict timetable. Stick to the scheduled time, preferably even slightly shorter, so there is room for feedback. Be brief and concise, both in language and in the slides. Quite important: make sure that everything is ready for the executives arrive. Nothing more deadly than they need witness technical failure of your equipment.

– A clear purpose

In presentations to colleagues or regular clients it is nice to start with a fun anecdote or joke, to get them involved in the presentation. With managers this is different: they want to know exactly why they are there. From the first minute of the presentation! Therefore, immediately tell why this meeting is organized and what the purpose of your presentation is. This gives them context and a certain rest. At the end of the meeting, it is good to ask and to determine whether the predetermined target has reached.

– Improvise

Executives would not be executives if they were not critical. It is their responsibility to think about all the decisions and consider them. Therefore, they will be more likely than another audience to ask  questions. Make sure you really know everything about the subject. Be the expert! Prepare slides with answers to possible questions, which you can access if needed.

– Give them something

Although handouts used to be the standard, it is now a bit outdated and managers could find it annoying to walk around with pieces of paper. Of course you can also put the presentation on a USB. When you want to make it even more easier, it is possible with the new technologies we have mastered. We can convert your PowerPoint presentation to an HTML version that will be put online. You can send this to your audience, so that they  are always able to view the presentation afterwards. Explain in the email briefly what you are sending them and what and when you expect something back from then.

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