Professional PowerPoint Pitch
11 februari 2015 

Professional PowerPoint Pitch

The perfect pitch.. will it ever exists? Probably not, but we do have the technology to support your pitch with a wonderful and professional presentation. As PowerPoint specialists, we are experienced in developing strong pitches. Below you find a selection of 3 relevant tips:

– Start strong

You want to grab the attention of your audience immediately. Distinguish yourself! Do not just introduce yourself and tell them what this pitch is about, but, for example, begin with an anecdote, a good story or a catchy animation incorporated into your PowerPoint presentation.

– Short and concrete

You are excited about your idea or plan, off course. Probably a lot of time and hard work has been done for this moment. It doesn’t matter how much you feel the urge to share every detail with your audience: do not do this. Keep the content concrete and clear, your audience should be able to retell your idea in one sentence. Less is more!

– A surprising finish

With a strong start and a concrete story you’re not there yet. If you want to be remembered, you also need to end up surprisingly. Interaction with your audience is always good. Finish for example with an open question, which can start the discussion. After that you can close with a nice PowerPoint animation, such as this cup of coffee:

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