The 5 C's: Consistency

As shown in the video above, inconsistency can be very confusing. When the same question is answered differently by two people, you have to decide for yourself which answer you can rely on. In daily life this situation occurs frequently due to poor customer services on the telephone, for example.

What’s even more difficult, is when one person proclaims an inconsistent message. This happens surprisingly often in presentations. While the speaker is convinced of his story, the audience has trouble following the structure and the basis of the presentation. Result: a confused audience which has no idea what to do with the information given.

So it often happens that the arguments used in the presentation do not match the overall objectives of the presentation. In this way, the audience will never be convinced by the content. Therefore, it is important that the purpose of the presentation is kept in mind constantly while creating the content.

In addition, it is also important that the PowerPoint presentation itself is consistent. Not only on content level, but also visually. Provide a clear structure and lay out of the slides. Texts and images should have the same size throughout the whole presentation. When a different font is chosen on each slide, the presentation loses unity. This sort of inconsistency can be very distracting for the audience.

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