The 5 C's: Content

Content; one of the most popular terms nowadays. The initiatives in content marketing are multiplying exponentially. Every company wants to do ‘something’ with interesting content. In our product, it is also of great importance. To create an effective presentation, we need to ensure that the content meets the following requirements:

Strengthening of the objective

Prior to filling the presentation with content, we consider it important to organize a brainstorm. In this brainstorm session the real objectives behind the presentation will appear. The purpose of a presentation is always to inspire and incite action. The sub-goals are obviously different for each type of presentation:


When you give a presentation, you’re obviously the expert. It’s your story and you know all the ins and outs. That is exactly what makes it difficult to transfer the message to a layman. We believe it is important to get back to the essence. What is the most important thing in your message? Try to find the essence, make it understandable and leave the peripheral issues behind.

Adapt to the target audience

During the brainstorming session, the interests and needs of all so-called stakeholders and members of a so-called Decision Making Unit will be determined. Different content and tone of voice is needed for every participant. Your presentation story might have four different versions. Prior to the presentation, you should investigate the knowledge level of your audience. In this way you will make sure that the message corresponds exactly to their understanding and expectations.

Sincere and transparent

It may sound obvious, but unfortunately honest and transparent communication is not common. Our aim is that listeners know what the objective is from the start of the presentation. Clarity on this reinforces the sincerity and transparency, which is necessary for achieving the objective. A good example of this is the following video from Coca Cola, where the challenge of creating content is explained. According to Coca Cola each contact point with a customer should exist of a sincere and “emotional” story.

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