The 5 C's : Creativity

Although the previous C’s were mostly focused on content, the design is just as important. Perhaps even more important. It is the first thing people see, and often the last they remember. Relevant images give text meaning. When this combination is perfect, it will cause the listener to think, which leads to inspiration and action.

However, this will not just happen in every presentation. Only when the design is distinctive and surprises people, it will have effect. This requires creativity. Search for different solutions and designs that are not obvious, but really inspiring. Think about the fact that you remember the most creative and surprising ads and commercials and forget all the others. Please watch the movie in the link below, in which creative design has led to great advertising:

For our customers it is important that a presentation impresses, inspires and will be remembered by the audience. Therefore, we work with a creative team at PPTcompany. When we have determined the content, we brief our graphic designers to come up with all kinds of creative solutions. Curious about what we can do for you? Below are some examples of how we turned different presentation components as ‘introducing employees’ and ‘timelines’ into something surprising and creative!

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